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  1. n.d.. Remember Bill Sears: musical meditations, by William Sears. Four musical pieces accompanying selections from the speeches of Sears. [about]
  2. n.d.. Baha'i Songs with Sheet Music. 49 songs with music. [about]
  3. 2019. Hidden Words and Sounds: Tracing Iranian Legacies and Traumas in the Music of the Bahá'ís of North America, by Daniel Akira Stadnicki. On the legacy of Persian culture, aesthetics, and history of religious persecution as reflected in Bahá'í American music; themes of religious oppression, persecution, and martyrdom; Iranian diaspora, transnational music-making, and cosmopolitanism. [about]
  4. 2019-11. Instrument of Music, The: A Musical Comedy, by Sarah Munro and David Cerpa. Dramatization of the role of music in the expansion and consolidation of Bahá’í communities, drawing on the example of Latin America, and the impact and use of music to contribute to the growth of any community. [about]
  5. 2008. Bahá'í Songs with Guitar Chords. Compilation of 78 songs, with lyrics and chords to many songs, mostly Bahá'í, but including some popular children's songs. Authors' names not included. [about]
  6. 2008. Bahá'í Classes Songsheets. Compilation of 99 songs, with lyrics and chords to songs by Gloria Faizi, Red and Kathy Grammer, Kathy Liebman, Cat Winterfox, Jackie Elliot, Tom Price, Steve Seskin, Allen Shamblin, Mildred McClellan, Wiley Rinaldi, Bob Simms, Lloyd Haynes, et al. [about]
  7. 2006. Wildfire: Reflections on Music, Drama, and Dance, by Istvan Dely. Istvan Dely's reflections on music, dance and drama within the Bahá'í community. [about]
  8. 2005. Bahá'í Song Book. Lyrics to 95 popular Bahá'í songs, including prayers and writings that are often sung. [about]
  9. 1987. Music, Devotions, and Mashriqu'l-Adhkar, by R. Jackson Armstrong-Ingram, in Studies in Babi and Bahá'í History, volume 4. An in-depth examination of the development of music and hymns within American Bahá'í devotional life, some history of the Chicago community, and the architecture and construction of the Wilmette temple. Includes sheet music and design plans. [about]
  10. 1910-05-17. Temple Song, by Louise R. Waite, in Bahá'í News, 1:4. Sheet music and audio for an early American Bahá'í song. [about]
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