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  1. 2021. Half Million Years, A, by Dana Paxson. Exploring the 500,000-year Bahá’í cycle asserted by Shoghi Effendi, in two versions: academic-style essay form, and story-narrative form. [about]
  2. 2021. Dawn-Breakers Novel, The, by James J. Keene. Sample chapters from a book of historical fiction: preface and chapters 1-3: Anticipation of the mission of the Báb, the Shaykhi movement in Karbala, and proclamation of the mission of the Báb. [about]
  3. 2021-08-02. Strangers Passing Through Town, by Duane L. Herrmann. Brief historical fiction short story, based on the finding that 'Abdu'l-Bahá passed through Kansas on his way to and from Denver when he visited North America in 1912. [about]
  4. 2020. Interactive Stories, by Romuald Boubou Moyo. A choose-your-own-adventure book, based on the junior youth book Walking the Straight Path. The book is intended to be studied by youth in small groups with the assistance of moderator, who can facilitate discussion and reflection. [about]
  5. 2018. Second Chance, by Duane L. Herrmann. A story of redemption and transformation. [about]
  6. 2018. Escape from Earth: The Journal of a Planetary Pioneer, by Duane L. Herrmann. Chapter 1 of a 300-page novel. [about]
  7. 2018. Contes interactifs pour pré-jeunes, by Romuald Boubou Moyo. Il s’agit d’une deuxième version du livret pour pré-jeunes "Marcher dans le droit chemin." Ils vont pouvoir apprécier, en tant qu’acteurs principaux, les implications morales qui découlent des choix qu'ils feront en lisant les vingt contes interactifs. [about]
  8. 2018-08. On the Leavenworth Trail, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Wagon Magazine. Historical fiction; a glimpse of life on the American frontier, in Kansas, just after the American Civil War, and international news that traveled remarkably fast. [about]
  9. 2018-01. Letters from the Past, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Wagon Magazine. A young couple move into a new home in grief over their lost child and discover hidden letters which reveal a painful past as well as a message of hope. [about]
  10. 2017. Short Stories, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Institor Gleg: New and Collected Stories. Stories from a different point of view - one influenced by the Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh. [about]
  11. 2017-2020. Dramatic Readings, by Marlene Macke. Nineteen screenplays prepared as part of a Writers' collective at Desert Rose Bahá'í Institute, either fictionalized dramatic presentations of pivotal events in Bahá'í history or adapted from historical books. [about]
  12. 2014. Place in the Woods, A, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Summer Shorts II: Best Kept Secrets. A young man has just achieved his life's goal, yet now he has an opportunity for professional advancement and must choose between the two. He gets confirmation of his choice from an unexpected place which confirms another decision. [about]
  13. 2014/2016. Proclaim the New Name, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Twisting Topeka. "When you take an actual historical time and twist it, the results can be rather interesting. What part is true, what part is not? That, the reader will have to decide." From the Twisting Topeka anthology of historical fiction. [about]
  14. 2014-2020. Flash Fiction: Spiritual Conversations, by Duane L. Herrmann. Nine short stories; brief conversations that may aid enlightenment. [about]
  15. 2014-11. I Found You!, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Poetica: A Journal of Contemporary Jewish Writing. Allegory of a little boy's new adventures in a new country with his mother, who had been lost. [about]
  16. 2013. Desert Enlightenment: Prophets and Prophecy in American Science Fiction, by Justice Hagan. On the pivotal role in the development of the central characters the narratives of the novel Dune, the comics The Rise of Apocalypse, and the film Star Wars. Contains a few passing mentions related to the Bahá'í Faith. [about]
  17. 2010. Mars Frontier, by Robert Stockman. A novel about the first landing on Mars, exploration of the planet, and its eventual settlement. Contains some content of indirect relevance to the Bahá'í Faith. [about]
  18. 2010-12. Birth and Call of Jesus Christ: A Bahá'í-inspired retelling, by David Merrick. The story of the birth of Jesus and his call to the world of humanity. [about]
  19. 2008. I Loved Thy Creation: A collection of short fiction, by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff. Sci-fi, fantasy, and magic-realism stories inspired by Bahá'í themes. [about]
  20. 2007. Vojdani: Ou, La quête: drame en huit tableaux, by Pierre Spierckel. Drame relatant la recherche spirituelle de Vojdani telle que contée dans "Fire on the Mountain Top", joué par de jeunes gens bahá'ís et chercheurs. [about]
  21. 2006. Obedience: Conscience and Dissent in the Bahá'í Faith, by Brendan Cook. An outsider's perspective on the possible conflict between an individual's conscience and obedience to a higher authority, cast in the form of a dialogue. [about]
  22. 2006. 1/2, by Yang Juan. An existential yet emotionally-charged dialogue between two young women. [about]
  23. 2002. Dress for Mona, A: Abridged one-act version, by Mark Perry. The story of Mona Mahmudnizhad. [about]
  24. 2001. Light, The, by Ian Kluge. True life war story of an unexpected encounter with the miraculous in a large asylum for the incurably insane. [about]
  25. 2001. Layli, Majnun, and the Infernal Tree, by Mark Perry. Short play dealing with the story of Layli and Majnun and partly inspired by the Seven Valleys. [about]
  26. 2001. Coming Out, by Ian Kluge. Short, humorous play depicting the confusions that can result from trying to be too delicate in announcing one's commitment to the Bahá'í Faith. [about]
  27. 2000. Well Dressed Woman of Recent Times, A, by Matt Briggs, in Fictionaut. Historical fiction which contains part of The Wardrobe of Gertrude Heim Remey, a book Mason Remey wrote about his wife's wardrobe (which the Des Moines Register wrote was "quite likely the best book ever written about his wife's clothes"). [about]
  28. 2000. Breathe Not the Sins of Others: A Tale of Suspense, by Stephen D. Dighton. Features Bahá'ís and their Faith in situations many will recognize as mirroring their own spiritual battles. [about]
  29. 1999-04. White Dog, by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Issue 142. Beauty truly is in the eye, or perhaps the heart, of the beholder. [about]
  30. 1998-04. Stepping Out, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Herald of the South. A young man asserts his independence and sets off to begin his own life. [about]
  31. 1996/2000. Locked In: A Medical Mystery, by Stephen D. Dighton. A presentation of the principles of the Bahá'í Faith as lived by an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation. [about]
  32. 1995-12. Sailor's Problem, The, by Ben Roskams. A short play about unity featuring Sherlock Holmes. [about]
  33. 1988. Crucial Heart, The, by Barbara Jarvik, in dialogue magazine, 2:2-3. Short story about religious tolerance in Israel. [about]
  34. 1976. Spiritual Assembly's Growing Pains, A, by Ruhiyyih (Mary Maxwell) Khanum. A play, in 28 pages, showing "some of the workings of a Bahá'í Spiritual Assembly: some of the blunders, some of the problems; how certain types of people fit better into one office and others into another." [about]
  35. 1972. Wonder Lamp, The, by Abu'l-Qasim Faizi. A children's story, and performance / storytelling piece, published as a 45-page booklet and also in audio recording. [about]
  36. 1966. Private Dowding: The personal story of a soldier killed in battle, by Wellesley Tudor Pole. A record of a soldier in WWI allegedly "channeled" to Pole from the afterlife. [about]
  37. 1960. Silent Road: In the light of personal experience, by Wellesley Tudor Pole. PDF of the entire book, followed by a short HTML-formatted excerpt about the "healing miracles" of Abdu'l-Bahá. [about]
  38. 1943. Two Shall Appear, by Olivia Kelsey, Revised Second Edition. A play which attempts to depict in a brief form the background and some of the heroic events of Bahá'í history. [about]
  39. 1940. I, Mary Magdalene, by Juliet Thompson. Semi-autobiographical account of Juliet Thompson's contact with 'Abdu'l-Bahá. [about]
  40. 1933. Drama of the Kingdom, by Abdu'l-Bahá and Mary Basil Hall. A play written in 1912 by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá while he was in London and adopted with permission by Mary Basil Hall (named Parvine by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá). [about]
  41. 1922-10. Ios, the Shepherd Boy: Some Parables Concerning the Laws of the Spiritual Life, by Abdu'l-Bahá, in Star of the West, 13:7. Five short stories by Abdu'l-Bahá told to Lua Getzinger, as recalled by May Maxwell, illustrating the spiritual life. [about]
  42. 1916. Read-Aloud Plays, by Horace Holley. Nine short plays. Contains no mention of the Bahá'í Faith. [about]
  43. 1916. Divinations and Creation, by Horace Holley. A collection of poetry. Does not mention the Bahá'í Faith. [about]
  44. 1915. Ayesha of the Bosphorus: A Romance of Constantinople, by Stanwood Cobb. A novella combining fiction with scenes from the lives of Abdu'l-Bahá and the Bahá'ís in Haifa in the early 1900s. Includes introduction by Bei Dawud. [about]
  45. 1914. Yahi-Bahi Society of Mrs. Resselyer-Brown, The, by Steven Leacock, in Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich. Canadian humorist's 1914 parody of 'Abdu'l-Bahá. [about]
  46. 1911/1970. Mountain of God, The, by E. S. (Ethel Stefana) Stevens, in World Order, 4:3-4:4. Book excerpts, sympathetic portrayal by a non-Bahá'í of Abdu'l-Bahá and the small band of Bahá’ís who lived in Haifa and 'Akká early in 20th Century. [about]
  47. 1910. God's Heroes: A Drama in Five Acts, by Laura Clifford Barney. A play based on events in the lives of the early Babis, with a focus on Tahirih. [about]
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